Buy a Tube Station

For those of you in London, today was your last opportunity to stop by the old Shoreditch Tube Station for a scheduled viewing: the whole thing is up for sale, listed at £180,000.

[Image: The old Shoreditch Tube station is for sale; image and property info courtesy of Andrews & Robertson].

“Situated at the junction with Code Street and Pedley Street adjacent to Allen Gardens,” the auctioneers explain, “[t]he property is within a popular residential area with its many trendy shops, bars and restaurants.” For instance, “Brick Lane is within easy walking distance and Old Spitalfields Market is close by.”

The single-floor building, pictured above, courtesy of the auctioneers, “comprises a ticket office, a lobby area, store rooms, plant rooms and a WC.” Owning a former Tube station with an address on Code Street would be an amazing thing, indeed. BLDGBLOG would move its offices there in a heartbeat.

(Thanks to Jim Stephenson for the tip! Earlier on BLDGBLOG: Buy an Archipelago, Buy a Map, Buy a Torpedo-Testing Facility, Buy a Fort, Buy a Church, Buy a Silk Mill).

6 thoughts on “Buy a Tube Station”

  1. its a shame – i was hoping that a social enterprise or community trust might buy it up and put it to use finding ways to slow down or stall the gentrification of brick lane.

    with this coverage and all the retweeting it might have the adverse affect of the richer developers getting there on wednesday and beating any more socially or culturally focused bidders.

    oh well, opportunity lost.

    even with all the asbestos i reckon it will fetch +£300,000.

    if anyone makes it to the auction… please can you post the final price here?

  2. Try approaching £1000000. It's a readily developable site, asbestos or no. You could get 10 flats on there, no problem. They've just put it on at an unrealistically low price to get some press for their auction and drive up the price of the other lots.

  3. Nam, well… it's really just a room full of books with a computer in it, but still. Writing, live, from a converted subway station would be pretty amazing.

    Maybe we can find a rich benefactor and turn the whole thing into an infrastructural/architectural/spatial/natural historical/planetary sciences/urban law blogging hive.

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