9 thoughts on “Urban Planning in Montreal”

  1. Christ, what a lovely place to study.

    How Jacobean.

    I’m (re-)starting school (sheol) soon as well. Wish me luck too.

    Geoff, I’m sure BLDGBLOG had NOTHING to do with Kevin’s urban planning focus!


  2. McGill is brilliant school and Montreal a brilliant city. I miss my own time there. Be sure to visit him lots and I recommend: Le Pistol for sandwich and a pint ($5), L’Avenue for the best breakfast (ask for the L’Epicurienne), and for dinner Au Petit Extra or L’Entrecote St Jean.

  3. Did he also take on the new Urban Design option? I’m considering it. It fully launches in Sept 08 but will be running in limited fashion by Sept 07. I’d love to hear his experiences with the programme, regardless of whether or not he enrolled in the Urban Design option.


  4. Awesome – congrats, Kendra; I’ll tell my brother to look out for you.

    And Andrew, I don’t know, actually; I’ll give him a call and ask.

    So if I go up to visit the guy someday, in Montreal, maybe I’ll run into you both. I’d love to see the department there. I’ll say hello.

  5. We are currently looking for a traffic engineer or an urban planner, and I was wondering if you have potential candidates to suggest.
    For more info, please visit our website: http://www.recrutement.ca, job code:349162-007.
    Apply directly online.

    Thank You!

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