Mod Living

[Image: A “cellular house” by Lúcio Santos. View larger].

Clicking around this morning, I found the work of Lúcio Santos – lots of modularity exploring slightly offset asymmetric repetitiveness. The house pictured here, for instance, “a detached single-family home, pre-manufactured and assembled on site,” can also be stacked further upon itself in a kind of vertical stutter to form towers.
On its own, it also vaguely resembles a prosthetic knuckle, or some other sort of avant-garde medical device manufactured from high grade plastic.
House for David Cronenberg.

[Image: A “cellular house” by Lúcio Santos. View larger].

Santos’s modular dining experience is also worth zooming in on – a prototype table/seating unit perhaps soon to grace a kitchen (or campground) near you. Or perhaps it’s a new kind of shelter for street chess players.

3 thoughts on “Mod Living”

  1. Nice. I like how each of his things boils down to a simple, striking form.

    My mind is running wild with ideas as to where that modular dining experience (a name that’s about 1000 less appealing than the object itself) ought to end up.

  2. Is Cronenberg now a licensed proctologist?

    Or has he decided to explore a different cinematic genre, i.e., pr0n?

    He’ll mainly cater to an audience with a fetish for physical check-ups and use blobitectural implements with unabashed glee.

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