Science Fiction and Architecture

A quick heads up that I’ll be participating in a roundtable discussion tomorrow afternoon about “science fiction and architecture” at the Bartlett School of Architecture here in London. The participants are:

— Rachel Armstrong, author of The Gray’s Anatomy
— Nic Clear, of Unit 15
— Ted Kreuger, of Pamphlet Architecture 14 fame
— Geoff Manaugh, author of the website you are currently reading
— Neil Spiller, Vice Dean of the Bartlett School of Architecture and Director of AVATAR

It should make for an interesting conversation, with a great mix of perspectives on the intertwined topics of science fiction, built space, and the imagined environment, so do come out if you’re in the neighborhood.
The event lasts from 4-6pm, and it is free and open to the public. We’ll be awaiting your arrival in Room G02, Wates House, 22 Gordon Street, London, WC1H 0QB. Here is a map.
Of course, I’ll then be moving down the street for the feral cities event at UCL tomorrow evening.

7 thoughts on “Science Fiction and Architecture”

  1. The talk was recorded, but I don’t have the tape; I believe it’s being transcribed somewhere – but I’ll have to ask. As soon as I’ve got something that can be posted here, I’ll put it up!

  2. A little late perhaps, but just wanted to say thanks, was an interesting talk! Although i was quite surprised that Stephenson’s metaverse and the real world equivalent ‘second life’ were not mentioned. Anyway, I hope the topic will come up again, after i’ve got through the books added to my reading list!

    I can try and get the tape from the library if anyone is interested?

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