The Remote Viewer

[Images: All but perfect for album art, these are new photos of Jupiter’s South and North poles, respectively; see also this ridiculously beautiful landscape scroll of Jupiter unrolled into a ribbon. Meanwhile, one wonders if you could actually be alone there, flying through hydrogen storms, breathing helium, reading Ovid, self-exiled… In any case, does Jupiter sound like this?].

7 thoughts on “The Remote Viewer”

  1. They’re stitched together – I just didn’t mention that. But, yes, you’re right. What you’re seeing is the poles of Jupiter pieced together seamlessly from different photos taken by Cassini-Huygens. So there’s no darkness.

    But good eye…!

  2. Your reference to the image’s potential as an album cover made me think of the Thomas Koner picture disk here for Unerforschtes Gebiet. I don’t know the temperature of Jupiter, but if it’s icy at all, Koner’s your man.

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