11 thoughts on “For the record”

  1. Fantastic… all because of an aprils fool! Ohh… btw. keep us updated on the documentary about male virility 😉

  2. Well… an April Fool’s joke that didn’t actually start on April Fool’s, so… you tell me. Meanwhile, the documentary has lots of torso shots: prepare youself. Also, j.zen, in reference to an earlier comment of yours, you and I have also both posted the Euclidean agriculture image and some others. Does that mean you’re Brad Pitt’s stunt-double, perhaps…?

  3. I had seen it on archinect’s frontpage, but since I’ve never heard of him – I didn’t check it out. But I’m also from europe – maybe that’s why? Browsing through the images, I’d say you’re spot on with the alley part! Thanks for the link… [reading in progress]

  4. Back again…. I enjoyed reading the article. Especially liked his views and thoughts on landscapes/art/photagraphy. Also good to hear his “stories” about how he uncovers and explore the project – and kinda get a scientific angle on things. I’m sure to dig deeper into his work, when I get some spare time. Thanks again for the link… I’m looking forward to your next article!

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