Field Studies

[Image: Field Studies 2012 runs 10-13 September 2012 in London].

Field Studies 2012 kicks off next month in London. Previously covered on BLDGBLOG here, Field Studies—whose website unfortunately auto-plays sound—”is a four-day summer-school led by three acclaimed sound artists and composers. It explores the possibilities of engaging with places through listening, and working with recorded sound as a creative and practical tool in the context of architecture, the city and art practice.”

Placing the following questions into an architectural or urban context seems incredibly promising: “How do you notate and communicate sounds? How can listening exercises and recorded sound complement the more established creative repertory of writing, drafting and sketching, or taking photographs? How can something that is ephemeral, and ever-changing, meaningfully inform the making of things that have permanence?”

Visiting faculty and lecturers this year include Brandon LaBelle, Lee Patterson, Davide Tidoni, Helen Frosi, Joseph Kohlmaier, and Christina Kubisch.

Find out more info, including fees and eligibility, at the Field Studies website.

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