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Two design competitions that might catch your eyes and ears:

1) Legendary L.A. radio station KCRW is looking for a mobile sound booth: a “space where conversation can happen amidst the urban chaos. A comfortable space that isolates sound for good recording, but also gives the listener a sense of place.”

KCRW is hoping to go on the road, “taking this booth all over the city—to churches, food fairs and schools. To rock, jazz and cumbia concerts. We will be at the park, at the coffee shop and hanging at the tamale hot spots. We’ll be setting up and closing shop alongside food trucks and observing public transportation from bus stops and corner shops.”

[Image: Theatre for One].

Remember LOT-EK’s Theatre for One? Do something even better, and watch—or listen to—your interview booth as it moves around Los Angeles. More specific info is available at KCRW.

2) Alternatively, design a floating cinema.

[Image: Ole Scheeren’s “archipelago cinema” in Thailand].

Britain’s Architecture Foundation, in collaboration with UP Projects, have announced a fairly straight-forward brief: for those of you who never thought you’d never be on a boat, “this vessel will need to accommodate intimate on-board film screenings, larger outdoor film events as well as provide a base for film related talks and activities. The Floating Cinema will navigate the waterways that connect the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest and Hackney with the new Olympic Park, hosting events, activities and also tours into the Olympic Park.”

A bit more information is available via the Architecture Foundation.

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