Narrative Infrastructures

[Image: Some examples of work by Imaginary Forces].

For those of you in Los Angeles, 1) consider kidnapping me and driving me back there in a van full of architecture books and coffee, because I can’t even believe how much I miss that place, and 2) consider stopping by the Apple Store tonight in Santa Monica to hear Tali Krakowsky, Director of Experience Design at Imaginary Forces, speak about “trends in the fusion of design, technology and architecture.”
It’s the narrative infrastructure of built space:

Transformations in design thinking, inspired by emerging technologies and a fascination with storytelling, are changing the entertainment, educational, corporate and retail environments of the 21st Century. In her session, Krakowsky will break down interactive environments into their components: re-imagining content in motion, re-imagining media delivery systems, and re-imagining smart, interactive spaces, [to] examine several key projects in terms of process and design methodology.

The talk is tonight at 7pm, and it’s located here. Tell Tali I said hey.

6 thoughts on “Narrative Infrastructures”

  1. Hi Geoff! And fellow BLDGBLOG readers!

    Apologies for having to draw your attention to this via the comment box, I couldn’t see any other way of getting in touch with you. If you’ve seen the links/architectures in the link below a hundred times I apologize, just thought I’d throw them your way in case you hadn’t seen some of them before! Some very interesting bits and pieces!

    Keep up the good work with BLDGBLOG, I consider it one of my virtual highlights!

  2. I too miss it so very much. It doesn’t help that I listen to KCRW all day while at work and pine over all the amazing exhibits and events they keep getting down there. That talk sounds fantastic if you do happen to get yourself kidnapped perhaps you can swing by and pick me up too.

  3. Dear Dr. Manaugh,
    I am reading your blog with an interest. Especially I find useful articles about green ways of building. And I am very grateful as reader for your frequent contribution into it.
    I have one question. In my home country, in Belarus, the architectures are planning to build next construction
    Is it similar to anything that was built before?
    Thank you for your answer. And my best wishes.
    Sincerely, Katsia

  4. geoff,
    i have followed the peregrinations of your blog on occasion with interest, especially as an erstwhile geologist-turned-architect. you’ve probably already noted the recent proposal to inaugurate the “Anthropocene”, a new geologic era to register the extent to which humans have affected the planet and (eventually) its lithic record. a link:
    thanks for your perspective,

  5. Prototype experience-design architecture with a Second Life -like tools. This is the real service that SL is providing: prototype for ‘first’ life, especially in what I’ll call ‘cultural architecture.’

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