Cover the Earth

[Image: REUTERS/China Daily].

A mountain quarry in the county of Fumin, China, has been “artificially painted green by the local forestry bureau” as a way “to simulate planted trees.”
Doing this apparently cost $51,000.
“Workers who began spraying Laoshou mountain last August told villagers they were doing so on orders of the county government but were not told why,” the Associated Press reports.
“Some villagers guessed officials of the surrounding Fumin county, whose office building faces the mountain, were trying to change the area’s feng shui” – others think they were told to do it by Pruned.
That, or they were just responding over-literally to the horrific slogan of chemical giant Sherwin Williams – who exhort their customers to “cover the earth” with paint.

(Via things magazine).

5 thoughts on “Cover the Earth”

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  2. I remember something like this happened in Monterrey, Mexico. My uncle was site architect for a rich guy’s house project and it involved cutting parts of the mountain. To cover the rock, they put a layer of concrete and then painted it with various tones of green. Real shame…

  3. “Laoshou mountain was quarried for more than two decades but ordered shut recently following complaints about dust and noise from villagers.”

    That may have something to do with it. Painting the rocks would give the officials a quick and easy way to tell if the quarrying was continuing.

  4. I wonder what Lewis Carrol would think about this?

    “We’re painting the roses red, we’re painting the roses red!”

    Down the rabbit hole…

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