Return to Cinemapolis

[Image: A page-spread from The Next American City].

If you’re looking for something to read outside the internet, I’ve got a short article in this month’s issue of The Next American City about the use of video surveillance – CCTV – as a new, cinematic form of urban analysis.
Citing Andy Warhol, John Cage, Bernard Tschumi, William Whyte‘s “film analyses of corporate plazas, urban streets, parks and other open spaces,” Chris Petit, and a variety of other sources, the article makes the claim that 24-hour surveillance of urban space is a tool being used by the wrong industry: it shouldn’t be private security firms installing these cameras in the name of public safety – but architects and urban planners, putting them up for the purpose of spatial research
In any case, if you see a copy of the magazine lying around be sure to pick it up. Alternatively, I’ll be giving away some free copies at next week’s event in San Francisco – so let me know if you’re looking for one.

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