Pole Farm

[Image: Photo by Alissa Walker of Gelatobaby].

An overlooked urban land-use typology is the telephone pole farm, used for honing the climbing skills of telephone-repair personnel, as seen here in a photograph from Los Angeles by Alissa Walker. Along these lines, it might be interesting to explore a training facility for tree-trimming crews—a test-forest populated by genetically-modified trees grown for the complexity of their branches.

(Via Pruned and @nicolatwilley).

4 thoughts on “Pole Farm”

  1. or trees for climbing? It seems like it would be relatively easy to grow trees to be easy or interesting to climb — obstructing their growth at particular points to make easy-to-cling-to bends, for instance.

    A park with easy-climbing trees would be great fun. Surely this must exist somewhere?

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