Quick Links 5

[Image: Wired Science | DIY Recordings of Awakening Sun].

1) MSNBC | World’s tallest tower closed a month after opening (see also)
2) Edible Geography | UNESCO Culinary Heritage Sites
3) Free Association Design | Incidently Shifting the Continental Divide and Space-Time Vertigo of Human-Designed Geology
4) Ogle Earth | Where does Google stand on the Thai-Cambodian border at Preah Vihear Temple?
5) Complex Terrain Laboratory | Flight of the Navigator and The Arctic: The Final Frontier

[Image: From “New Armored Wall System Assembles Like Legos, Could Replace Sandbags in Afghanistan”; here are the actual building modules].

6) Luke Jerram | Aeolus: Acoustic Wind Pavilion
7) Time | Industrial Strength Fungus (don’t miss this Flickr set of the mushroom-bricks being cultivated; related: The Mushroom Tunnel of Mittagong)
8) Builder | The Disaster-Proof House
9) ABC | University of Arizona’s tree ring lab unlocking the past (related: Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research)
10) Ptak Science Books | Killing London With the Future: City Planning with the Bressey Report, 1937

And one to grow on: Wikipedia | The Crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901

(Some links via Nicola Twilley, @geoparadigm, and my dad! Quick Links 1, 2, 3, and 4).

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