Landscapes Dynamic and Undone

[Image: “Preflooded Wetlands” by Darryl Chen and Liam Young].

Brian Romans, author of the long-running geology blog Clastic Detritus—which recently had the honor of joining Wired‘s family of blogs—has posted a Q&A we recorded, discussing everything from last month’s Landscape Futures Super-Workshop to Taipei 101 and the possibility of architecturally-induced earthquakes, from the debris basins of outer Los Angeles to biotechnological plans to rescue Venice using engineered coral reefs, and from fossil cities one mile beneath the earth’s surface discovered 99 million years from now to future post-oil plastic industries based on chemicals produced by bees, among many other subjects.

If you get a chance, check it out—and definitely consider adding Clastic Detritus to your list of blogs, while you’re at it. Brian’s “Seafloor Sunday” series has already become something of an online landscape studies cult classic.

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