[Image: “CSI” by Florian Tremp, from Tremp’s series No Country for Small Men].

I think I’m the last person to see Florian Tremp’s amazing series No Country for Small Men—a collection of 48 narrative dioramas constructed and photographed by the artist, loosely inspired by the Coen Brothers’ film—but I’ll point it out nonetheless. Most of the images are just fantastic (the second page best of all).

7 thoughts on “Microplot”

  1. Could you PLEASE cue your posts to roll out once a day?

    It's maddening to have no updates for a week or two and then two four-post days. When it's so easy to cue them up in Blogger…

  2. I'm afraid I can't please everybody – I take time off, I come back with multiple posts, I slow down, I speed up… I wish I could help with this, but I will unfortunately have to maintain the unscheduled pace!

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