An assertion of edge and boundary

[Image: One of the corners of Lebbeus Woods’s drawing room, courtesy of Lebbeus Woods].

Lebbeus Woods kicks off 2011 with an in situ glimpse of several wall-sized drawings including an explanation of the work that went into producing them.

“The impulse,” he explains, “to make these large drawings—they are, with one exception, 74 inches high by 120 inches wide (188 by 305 centimeters)—came first from my desire to make drawings at the scale of a room, that is, at an architectural scale. The reason for this is rather simple: to see if one could physically and not only mentally inhabit the space of a drawing. The second driving force was to see if drawing at that scale would produce something different than I’d imagined or drawn before.”

The drawings themselves are spectacular—and there are many more in the original post—but it’s particularly compelling to read the technical details of their realization.

(Earlier: Without Walls: An Interview with Lebbeus Woods, an expanded version of which appears in The BLDGBLOG Book).

2 thoughts on “An assertion of edge and boundary”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! It's nice to see a bit of a resurgence in drawing lately, this series and others. It gives me hope that drawing can still be relevant in the age that we live in.

    I am excited to see where drawing will go in the future.

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