Parking bands

The Economist reports today that the SW London borough of Richmond “is taking radical steps to curb greenhouse-gas emissions”:

In October its Liberal Democrat council announced a plan to price parking permits according to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by residents’ vehicles. If the council passe[d] the proposal in a vote [that happened yesterday], the cost of an annual permit for cars in Band G – the worst polluters, such as SUVs, Renault Espaces and Jaguar X-Types – will triple to £300 ($568) from January 2007. Band A electric vehicles would be allowed to park for nothing; Band B cars, such as the hybrid Toyota Prius, would get a 50% reduction. Residents owning more than one vehicle would have to pay another 50% for each extra car. Thus a household with two Band G cars would see its annual parking bill rise from £200 to £750.

The article is quick to add that “Richmond residents emit more carbon dioxide per head than any other Londoners.”

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