The Design Future of the Sacred Grove

[Images: Ships botanically assembling themselves in the forest, from “Growing a Hidden Architecture” by Christian Kerrigan, a proposal that actually seems to grow more interesting every time I think about it].

I’ve got a longish post up over at the CCA about sacred groves, trees that fruit machine-parts, forests that twine their canopies together through collars, tourniquets, corsets, and belts to form sea-ready ships ready for harvesting, the Moon Trees of Apollo, and much more.

[Image: From “Growing a Hidden Architecture” by Christian Kerrigan].

Design proposals by Christian Kerrigan, Sascha Pohflepp, and BOARD loom large, along with an historical essay by Patrick Bowe from a journal called Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes.

Take a look if you have a chance: The Design Future of the Sacred Grove.


One thought on “The Design Future of the Sacred Grove”

  1. Have you seen anything of Ursula Vernon's Gearworld? The bit about trees fruiting machine-parts reminded me of it. It's a sort of bizarre underground half-mechanized labyrinth; is the journal of an intrepid and confused explorer of the thing. It has corresponding illustrations on Deviantart, IIRC.

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