On a sunny morning in Cairns, I’m flying back into the range of internet reception, having just spent some time up in Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park.
Cape Trib is interesting for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is off of the national power grid – everything is lit either by generators or solar power – and it is also where the paved road ends; the famous Bloomfield Track extends north toward Cooktown, through the imaginations of Range Rover fans, and up to connect with other dirt roads along the bewilderingly remote Cape York Peninsula, where abandoned WWII airfields sit amidst empty fuel drums being slowly entombed by jungle.
So I’ve been totally absent from posting for the past week, but we were staying on an exotic fruit farm, watching the lizard who lived in our light fixture, listening to Main against an acoustic backdrop of endless tree frogs, within walking distance of two World Heritage sites: the coastal intersection where the Great Barrier Reef meets the mangroves of Daintree on a small beach covered in stumps of coral, semi-submerged beneath tide pools. We even saw a cassowary.
But BLDGBLOG will be in Brisbane all week now, within the curtain of the internet, and I’ve got a million and one awesome links to share – such as the person who now lives totally alone inside a brand new Florida high-rise and the “rubber village” built for military training in Israel. More soon!

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