Designing the Post-Terrestrial @ the SVA

[Image: The “worldwide satellite triangulation camera station network,” courtesy of NOAA’s Geodesy Collection].

I’ll be lecturing in New York City at the School of Visual Arts, as part of their fantastic new Design Criticism program, on Tuesday, April 14, in case any of you are in New York that night. I’m on a roster with some really fantastic people, in fact, so definitely check out the rest of the lecture schedule.
I’m particularly excited about this talk, at the very least because it’s a huge honor to be speaking at the SVA. But I’m also looking forward to discussing post-terrestriality, or the point at which the built environment supersedes the foundation it’s based on to become planetary in both scale and implication. From genetically modified crops and artificial wetlands to wholesale plate-tectonic engineering – by way of on-demand weather, constructed reefs, and even ruined buildings mistaken for hills – there is a point at which design infiltrates so thoroughly into the workings of the planet that the Earth’s unnaturality, so to speak, becomes impossible to detect.
The talk starts at 6pm, is free and open to the public, and will take place at 136 West 21st Street on the 2nd Floor. Here’s a map.

(You can read more about the Design Criticism course here).

3 thoughts on “Designing the Post-Terrestrial @ the SVA”

  1. excellent…I always miss Tuesday events ’cause it conflicts with an indoor soccer league I play in!@#$! But fortuitously your lecture is during the only off week I’ll have in the next few months! I’ve already missed the David Reinfurt / Lars Fischer thing at C-Lab earlier this week, and will also be missing Reinfurt’s upcoming D-Crit lecture…

    oh, also, I live a couple blocks from the SVA so perhaps we can get some people together for drinks after the lecture.

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