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[Image: Photo by Eran Brokovich for National Geographic News].

For the next 8 or 9 days I will be in and out of range, possibly unable to post. I’m flying to London tonight and I will be back the following weekend.
However, I will be giving a lecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture on Wednesday, January 23, at 6:30pm – so if you’re in London, and you’ve got an overwhelming need to hear about artificial reefs and tectonic warfare and urban soundscapes and climate change and sovereign trapdoors and dungeon instancing and the future of surveillance and offshore utopias – in other words, all the things that normally appear here on BLDGBLOG – then please feel free to come out, bring your friends, and roar for urban speculation. The more the merrier.
It’s my first international lecture, and I’m excited!

I believe, as well, that I’ll be introduced by Alex Haw, who helped set up the lecture in the first place, so it’ll be worth coming out just to hear him speak.
And then I’ll be back posting next week. If you’ve never been to BLDGBLOG before, by the way, as good a place as any to start reading might be here and here.
Hope to see some of you there!

(Meanwhile, don’t miss the White House Redux competition!)

13 thoughts on “BLDGBLOG @ The Bartlett”

  1. awesome! i will be there for sure. im an architecture student from houston but studying at the AA. Richard Rogers is giving a lecture at our house on tuesday. you should hit it up if you can.

  2. how do you turn bldg blog into a lecture? do you flip thru images and talk about the various speculations/ideas? how many do you go through? are there segues? or is it chronological? do you do update lectures -(“since the last lecture, i’ve discovered these things: …”) do you have a thesis (“Architecture et al. is going to shit. heres why : ….”)? i applied to the bartlett for sept. 2008, but i wont be in town to catch your lecture. Any plans for lectures in canada? or do you need an invite first. wherever i get accepted i will try to get you to lecture. but in the meantime, can you answer my q’s?

  3. Geoff: The Barlett is one of the great schools. I’m glad you’ll be where your contribution to the field of architecture can be fully appreciated.

    Give us a report, when you return. Please!

  4. Sorry it hasn’t worked out with you coming up to Scotland as well. If you fancy a trip up North we’d still love to have you…

    Enjoy London (And make sure you have a look at the Soane Museum at Lincoln’s Inn Fields.)

  5. Great stuff, Geoff. I’m studying diploma at the Bartlett and am looking forward to this immensely. Will you be staying around after the lecture for an informal chat/drink?

  6. I hope i can make it to your lecture on Wednesday. I am helping students get ready or final presentations at the AADRL, which will be on thursday and friday, if you are still in town.

    Also I found these great ads

    via Dark Roasted Blend
    they seem like a BLDGBLOG entry in the making.

    keep up the good work

  7. i will not be in london.. but i wish you all the best! wish i could be there!

  8. Hey! I’m still a bit internet access-challenged at the moment, but I wanted to say a huge thanks to everybody who came out, and to everyone who’s left a comment here or who has sent me an email after the talk – I had a blast, I talked way too fast, and I was stunned by the number of people who turned out. It was great, though, and I hope it was worth your time! I’ve got another few hours left in London but then I’ll be back home and posting again – and I can recap the lecture and so on.

    So thanks again! Seriously. It’s great to meet people in person and not just be blogs passing in the ether… More soon –

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