Paris Onion

[Image: Photo by Dsankt].

Dsankt of Sleepy City has posted a long and absurdly interesting write-up of his explorations over the years through the Paris Metro system, long after its doors have officially been closed.

“As we haven’t walked every section of tunnel nor checked every door,” he points out, “and considering the evolving nature of the system and the city it supports there is and will always be more to see, find and experience in the metro. This is in no way a definitive list, nor even a checklist for future explorers to use in their adventures in the metro, since discovering your own places is substantially more rewarding and something we should always pursue.”

[Image: Photo by Dsankt].

From “enormous vent systems” and the “abandoned platforms of an active station” to hand-drawn napkin maps and the “driverless robotrains of line 14,” it’s part adventure narrative, part infrastructural history, party underground photo-freakout—and, it’s worth reading in full.

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