Le grande finale

[Image: Bryan Finoki talks to Michael Kubo, North American editor of Actar books, through an opening in the facade of the Storefront for Art and Architecture… Photo by Nicola Twilley].

After having an entire post deleted this morning by Blogger, I only have time to get today’s schedule up before the day really begins. In any case, it’s already 1:30 on the last day of Postopolis!, and my logo on the front of the building now says BLDG B OG, turning me into an ad for toilets – but hey. City of Sound is now City f Sound… And so on.
A bit of news, meanwhile: Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina, scheduled for appearances today, have both inconveniently relocated themselves at the last minute to Lisbon and Montreal, so we’ll have to try to rope together some kind of phone interview with them.
Which means the schedule looks like this:

2:00pm: Live telephone interviews with Mark Wigley and Beatriz Colomina
3:30pm: Keller Easterling
4:15pm: Randi Greenberg answers questions about Metropolis magazine, online journalism, and architecture blogs
4:40pm: A group discussion about Archinect school blogs with Archinect school bloggers – turning into a converation about Archinect itself with some Archinect editors
5:15pm: Blogger open house with George Agnew, Alec Appelbaum, Abe Burmeister, John Hill, Ryan McClain, Miss Representation, Enrique Ramirez, Chad Smith, and others to be announced
7:30pm: Closing party with lots of free booze and some live sets by DJ /rupture and N-RON

More soon!

3 thoughts on “Le grande finale”

  1. I just got home absolutely drunk, and I have to say that I had a great time at the storefront. It’s a rare opportunity to enjoy architecture in a non stuffy academic style and I’m grateful.

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