I was perhaps a little over-excited to see that Time Magazine included BLDGBLOG in its “Style & Design 100” list for 2007…

Other blogs on the list include Greenopia, Apartment Therapy, MoCo Loco, and designboom.
I have to admit, though, to a certain amount of stunned optimism when a blog about Copernicus, Don DeLillo, science fiction and architecture, Mars, and… whatever this post was about makes it into Time Magazine.
Does that mean, in other words, that there’s some huge and untapped audience in the United States for articles about urban exploration, inflatable architecture, and W.G. Sebald? Are people in this country really looking for more information about micronations, offshore oil platforms, mud mosques, Greek myths, and futuristic outbreaks of statue disease? Does the U.S. secretly demand more Alpine thrillers…?
It makes me really happy, actually, to think that people out there want to read about this stuff – this machine, for instance. Or this lost city. Amidst more news of Don Imus there’s… the London Tornadium. And J.G. Ballard.
Anyway, congrats to everyone on the list. Congrats to everyone, in fact – I’m in a good mood.

10 thoughts on “Stylin’”

  1. Thanks, Mr. Hunt!

    And, deepstructure, that’s funny, actually – I meant to link to the Hamlet-in-an-elevator post with that link… So I just changed it. I put the wrong link in there somehow.

    But, come on: ossified humans! Statue disease! Gothic architecture! The connection was always there, just waiting…

  2. Fantastic! There have got to be a lot more people interested in those subjects than we know– and you have done us all the favor of collecting all of those seemingly random wonders in one place, along with your keen observations and. Kudos and thank you and keep on trucking 🙂

  3. i missed the original elevator post, but it’s fun! you can actually generate a whole sort of mythology of elevators using cultural icons:

    there are seven levels of purgatory as described by dante. [cue: genesis ‘watcher of the skies’]

    charlie’s great glass elevator goes to the great space hotel (heaven?) and minusland (hell?)

    70s disco song – ‘heaven on the seventh floor’ is about being stuck on an elevator.


  4. Hi there! A late post just to say Congratulations! and also to inform you
    that your universe of readers includes a bunch of landscape architects from Portugal!

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