Payphone Warriors

Going on right now in a New York City near you is Payphone Warriors: “You and your teammates must dash across the blocks around Washington Square Park in a bid [to] control as many payphones as possible. You simply make a call from a payphone to the game system and enter your team number to capture a phone. For each minute your team controls that phone the team scores one point. Grab more phones for more points.”

And if someone complains that they actually need to use that phone… you know what to do.

(Brought to you by Abe Burmeister of Abstract Dynamics).

3 thoughts on “Payphone Warriors”

  1. I would normally delete comment spam like this, but that message is unbelievably ridiculous that I have to let it stay. Hopefully that won’t set a precedent, or encourage people…

    Call your mom.

  2. Just now, 3AM, I was just doing a search on payphone warriors and followed the link here and just then my mother called. True story. There's some magic at work.

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