Scientological Circles

Large geoglyphs in the surface of the New Mexican desert have been discovered by an Albuquerque news channel.

[Image: KRQE-TV/Washington Post].

Turns out, the glyphs mark the location of a subterranean archive-complex “built into a mountainside” by the Church of Scientology.

The futuristic archive “was constructed to protect the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the late science-fiction writer who founded the church in the 1950s. (…) The archiving project, which the church has acknowledged, includes engraving Hubbard’s writings on stainless steel tablets and encasing them in titanium capsules.” Ironically, this is exactly what I’ve been doing with my old BLDGBLOG posts…

From the Washington Post: “‘Buried deep in these New Mexico hills in steel-lined tunnels, said to be able to survive a nuclear blast, is what Scientology considers the future of mankind,’ ABC’s Tom Jarriel said in his report. ‘Seen here for the first time [are] thousands of metal records, stored in heat-resistant titanium boxes and playable on a solar-powered turntable, all containing the beliefs of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.'”

[Image: USGS/Terraserver].

But the deep desert glyphs may not only be geographical markers: “Former Scientologists familiar with Hubbard’s teachings on reincarnation say the symbol marks a ‘return point’ so loyal staff members know where they can find the founder’s works when they travel here in the future from other places in the universe. ‘As a lifetime staff member, you sign a billion-year contract. It’s not just symbolic,’ said Bruce Hines of Denver, who spent 30 years in Scientology but is now critical of it… ‘The fact that they would etch this into the desert to be seen from space, it fits into the whole ideology.'”

(With thanks to Javier Arbona for the tip!).

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  1. It’s slightly worrying that a future post-apocalyptic civilization might rebuild itself on the remaining fragments of L. Ron Hubbards demented mind. More worrying is the possibility that something similar has already happened.

  2. For what it might be worth: during the initial broadcast of this story by KRQE (Albuquerque NM) on 11/20/05 @ 10 PM, the station’s signal was suddenly interrupted by a ‘test’ of the FCC’s emergency alert network – which left the on camera news team with their mouths open and no explanation for the unprecedented interruption of their evening report.
    Later the station reported that they had been informed by FCC officials that this was just a routine and totally random happenstance.

  3. Ok, so I can understand the works underground being safe from a nuclear attack and all of that, but, isn’t there a possibility that the marker wouldn’t be there anymore? If these ‘people’ really do make it to space and come back later after erosion and high winds, the etched visual would no longer be there. Now that’s brilliance at it’s best.

  4. Actually, geoglyphs do last for thousands of years in a desert environment: just look at the Nazca lines.

    That’s not to say that the rest of it makes any sense, though.

  5. “Later the station reported that they had been informed by FCC officials that this was just a routine and totally random happenstance.”

    This is not only incorrect but also imposable. i am a broadcast engineer and have been since completing college almost 10 years ago.

    1. the FCC does not issue the alerts or the test on the EAS system they are issued by the individual agencies that would have need to issue a alert (national weather service is the only agency to have ever issued a alert at a station that i am working for but i do believe that if there is ever a need homeland security can issue a alert)

    2. The only test that is directly sent out from any ware outside the station is the required monthly test that is ALWAYS issued in the middle of the morning on the second Tuesday of the month. The station is then required to send a weekly test at a random time but this test is controlled by someone in the building depending on the way that the station is organized it could be a master control operator or it may have to be a engineer (depending on the wording of the union contracts)

    so what probably happened was that a anchor pissed off a member of the technical staff so they issued the command while he or she was talking to prove a point ( I have done this more then once but one of the anchors at my station is a bitch that forgets that the engineers have the ability to make her look bad on air)

  6. Now, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong…but will the earth still be here in a billion years? You know, red giants and all the fancy-schmancy astronomy suff…and how binding are billion year contracts anyway? Any statute of limitations on that, Tom??

  7. You’re all way off track with the erosion issue. They just need to put up a marker that they can photograph from space. It can erode the next day for all they care — it is logged in the archive and its location can be extrapolated upon their return.

  8. I work for Tom Cruise, so I am really getting a kick out of most of these replies. Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about.

    But trust me. You dont.

    I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you dont know what you are talking about. This is how bad info gets passed around. If you dont know about the topic. Dont make yourself sound like you do.

  9. I don’t think any civilization with an uninhibited ability to think will ever take Scientology seriously, whether it be now or in 50,000 years. By that time, natural selection should have had plenty of opportunities to weed out the unfit to bear a next generation…in this case, Scientologists. And so rest assured, what Tom Cruise or John Travolta thinks will in time mean nothing, and the uncovering of any Scientologist nonsense will probably not be seen as anything more than a millenia-old practical joke.

  10. So telling, really…

    “Anonymous said… Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about.

    But trust me. You dont.”

    Again, **Anonymous** said “trust me.”

    Love that, really.

  11. Um, wouldn’t this civilization need to already know about Scientology in order to know they need to find the info on Earth?

    “Okay, so I buried these plans for a rocket ship on the moon. You can find them if you go there. I’ll hang onto your wallet until you get back.” (giggle)

  12. That thing where the author said it was ironic…well… It’s not ironic.

    Unless you school and they had already printed out your diploma and you didn’t have to continue go to school. Then it would be ironic.

    That’s what really happened, right?

  13. LISTEN, you people are simple. That’s your problem, you’re closed-minded. You’re not willing to accept the idea that maybe, just MAYBE, the savior of the world came while you were at your dead-end job, going nowhere, doing the same old thing, day in and day out. Eating while your thetans tell you to eat, lying when they tell you to lie. You’re deluded. You can say whatever you like about erosion, tectonic plate shifts, whatever. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve read the history of geology. You haven’t. I know what I’m talking about. I know things, OK? Those circles will be there. A million, a BILLION years from now.

    When Xenu is peeling your skin off with lazer peelers, don’t come crying to us. We know an enemy when we see one. You had your chance. YOU HAVE A CHANCE!

  14. Well, a billion years from now, if the marks are still there, I’ll know where to find a good supply of scrap metal.

  15. Also, it’s really unforgivably stupid that the media tends to focus on the sensational aspects of Scientology while it tends to COMPLETELY ignore the abuses.

    Ha ha, laugh at the weird celebrities, ha ha, laugh at the kookiness of having vaults, ha ha, laugh at the alien fairy stories… great, laugh it up… but where are the exposes of the processes of Scientology being identical to authoritative hypnosis, as the hundreds of medical and scientific experts who contributed to the Anderson Report of 1965 concluded? What about the ruined lives of people who had their fortunes sucked away? What about the arrests and criminal behavior? The links to Aleister Crowley and Satanism? What about all the suicides? The mafia tactics written into Church policy? The vicious harassment? What about the murders!?

    I guess laughing about the weirdness of vaults is more important than actual reporting.

  16. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve read the history of geology. You haven’t.”

    Oh yeah?? Well I’VE read the history of the history of Geology and I say you’re mad Anon, MAD I SAY !! Stop lying, doofus.

  17. Yes, L. Ron Hubbard was a brilliant man—he built an empire and made himself a fortune on third-rate science fiction tales.(“Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be start his own religion.”)

    He himself admired the Thelemic teachings of Aleister Crowley, and never believed a word of the stories he was peddling to the masses.

    While the darker, nastier side of Scientology is glossed over by the media in favor of the Hollywood silliness, many people involved in the Church have suffered greatly.

    Of course, if one is greedy enough to sell one’s self and one’s freedom for the most ridiculous promises of instant spiritual reward and gratification, does not one bear a part of the responsibility when it all ends up in tears? (Yes, the same goes for the Moonies, The People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, and all the other groups centered around inflating the ego and pockets of a charismatic, infallible, and often narcissistic leader.)

  18. Scientology first annual Kool-aid party! Bring a friend. Only $1499.99 per person, act now and get a free pass for an audit and a 50% your next Thetan intervention! Whip that bad spirited spirit into shape in time for the new year. Supplies limited. Offer not valid after midnight, New Year’s Eve, 2005. Kool-aid ingredients may vary. Tastes a bit like almonds.

  19. I read two posts by people that support scientology. Are you sheep really that deluded? Have you not researched what Scientology is all about, their nasty cult tatics, the sham of the end-game? Wasn’t the early 80s time magazine article enough to disuade you from being affiliated with these people? Seriously, do a little research beyond which celebrities practice it and find out how nasty the whole orginazition really is.

  20. Let them believe. It’s a scientific principle. Scientology is Intelligently Designed to work with principles of Survival of the Fittest. Let them eat cake. It’s so hard to tell who’s dumb these days, and who’s faking, here they are waving around a big red sign proclaiming, “Yes, I’m a Sciencefictionologist! I ate paint chips! I should have been stem cells!”

  21. Many people join Scientology (and other cults) when they are at an emotionally fragile point in their lives. Someone friendly and helpful and understanding comes along with an answer to their problems. Since the really weird stories (Xenu and the hydrogen bombs, etc.) don’t show up until later, it’s easier for people buy into the organization.

    Once somebody accepts an idea, no amount of evidence or reasoned argument is going to convince them otherwise; the idea has already made it past their “BS filters”, and they’re not going to drop it easily.

    This, of course, is why cults start with friendship and sympathy, and then progress to the soft-sell of a few new inocuous ideas or beliefs; once somebody commits themselves to a dogma or organization, they will later swallow all sorts of ridiculously insane ideas or behavior. It’s the famous “Foot in the Door” technique, and was used by Chinese Communists to brainwash American POWs during the Korean War. (See Robert Cialdini’s “Influence” for a study of how our minds are often made up for us.)

  22. Hubbard was a freakin’ genius.

    He died a millionaire with a fleet of ships, tons of real estate and tens of thousands of loyal slaves at his command.

    He basically did exactly what he wrote to his wife that he was setting out to do, to burn his name into history whether people liked it or not.

    The mark of a cult is a charismatic leader who claims to be able to do things that defy logic and reason. That’s really the core of all religions. Cults become religions when they stick around for long enough after the lying leader dies.

    I think Scientology is basically already established as a religion and it ain’t going away. Hubbard succeeded.

    All Scientology has to do now is to keep targeting third-world countries for conversion, and they’re set. Who cares what comes out in the Western media? That’s what missionary work is for.

    Remember, the Mormon religion was just as exposed as Scientology but in the end none of the ridicule or exposure amounted to anything. It happened too late.

    All of the alien stuff about Scientology came out in 1991 in Time Magazine. Here in 2005 it’s still around. Hubbard succeeded…

  23. What if Hubbard was right? A lot of people make fun of the beliefs of Scientology but how do you know it isn’t true? The whole reason for having religion is because nobody really knows how humans got to be conscious and sapient, and nobody really knows how the universe came into being. What if there was really a dude called Xenu who did have an overpopulation problem? It sounds silly only because you are set in one way of thinking. But alien life is not impossible. And the universe seems to be really old and full of stars and planets so who is to say that there were not intelligent races in the eons before humanity came to be? Most people can’t even conceive that humans are 100,000 years old or more as a species because there is no remaining record of that time period. Just because an idea sounds off the wall to you based in your particular context it does not mean it is untrue or impossible. Hubbard spent his entire life devoted to a sort of directed meditation which he claimed allowed him to access a huge span of unknown history. Okay, so it sounds like a good story. But how do you know it is untrue, for CERTAIN? People are so closed-minded they will not even allow for the possibility of anything other than what THEY perceive being true. Whether it is a big bang from nothing or a kindly bearded omnipotent man, people are set in their ways. But what if Hubbard was right? Aren’t you at least interested in the possibility of gaining knowledge. After all if you were completely ignorant of what history you know now, if someone told it to you you probably would also think it was silly. Flying machines? Men on the moon? Hogwash right?

  24. Oh, Anonymous… let me put this in simple terms for you. It’s not that the good folks posting on this site are closed-minded… it’s that they (unlike you, it seems) are aware that the most fundamental practices of Scientology have been proven to be detrimental to those taking part- many people have even experienced psychotic breaks (including our friend Mr. Travolta). It is also not a matter, simply, of whether Hubbard is “right” or “wrong”… but whether he was a.) sane (there are many sources easily accessed via the internet that shed doubt on that) b.) actually “religiously movitated” as opposed to “economically motivated” and c.)at all interested in the health of his followers.

  25. “Okay, so it sounds like a good story. But how do you know it is untrue, for CERTAIN? People are so closed-minded they will not even allow for the possibility of anything other than what THEY perceive being true.”

    Most people ask the basic question why should we believe something. No one can ever know for certain that anything is not true. Should I consider the fact that we are really living on a giant donut on its way to the great coffee dip apocalypse.

    Its not like people have not questioned whether L RON was right. He is a well researched man whose past is that of a con man. Even if he thought he made it all up it doesn’t make it untrue. Are you trying to take us back to prehistory of basic logic and rational thought.

    “Men on the moon? Hogwash right?”

    Yes if they provided no evidence for why they believed it was possible for men to go to the moon then believing it is silly. Doesn’t make it untrue but it makes it silly. However in this case basic logic says we see something that is the moon. We therefore think it is a place. All places we know of have a distance between them. Therefore there is a good chance that some day if given the right tools we could traverse that distance.
    There is plenty of evidence both direct and indirect that you should reject Hubbard’s claims if you are searching for truth.

  26. “Anonymous said…
    What if Hubbard was right? A lot of people make fun of the beliefs of Scientology but how do you know it isn’t true?”

    What if Hubbard was right? What if Jim Jones was right? What if the Mormons were right? What if the Taoists were right? What if Reverend Moon was right? What if the Raelians were right? What if Jesus was right? What if Mohammed was right? What if Gurdjieff was right?

    You obviously have an admirable dedication to your beliefs, and it seems that you follow them out of concern for others.

    There are millions of people who hold beliefs to which they are deeply committed, and which they believe answer the questions of our existence and will help humanity and the world.

    Millions of these people hold beliefs that are opposed to yours.
    Yet every one of them claims that their beliefs are the correct ones, or at least better than the others. Of course, if they didn’t feel this way, why would they follow their beliefs?

    Why do we have the faith we have? Why do we follow our own set of beliefs? Were they taught to us when we were very young? Did they have a great emotional impact on us? Did they help us deal with suffering in our lives? Do they make us happy? Did someone else choose our beliefs for us and make us think we chose for ourselves?

    Does any of this make our beliefs TRUE?

    I don’t know.

    Each person must choose his own belief system. Isn’t it worth spending some time and thought investigating why we believe what we believe?

  27. Uh, dudes,
    Scientology is full of humans, just like this stupid planet, and is no less and no more crazy/corrupt/evil than any other organization made up of humans. Except for maybe the US Government. But, you can let others fill your mind with their ideas, or you can seek out answers for yourselves. That kinda didn’t need saying except that we live on a planet filled with mostly peer pressure, marketing driven consumer robots that are affraid to think anything new.

  28. I work for Tom Cruise, therefore… what???


    You’re Tom’s lickspittle. And don’t forget it!!!

  29. I’d say we’re pretty certain what the scientologists believe is wrong since their spiritual scribe is L. Ron freakin’ Hubbard. At least Christianity’s mostly past the ‘buy a piece of the cross and get to heaven’ stages that makes it less obvious that they’re just trying to hose you.

    It’s fair enough for people to choose their own belief systems but as far as belief systems go Scientology is a pretty wacky choice right now because of the apparent brainwashing and money running off with.

  30. LOTS of mystics, spiritualists, ppl on intense religious or WHATEVA kinds of journeys have had “psychotic breaks” and / or nervous breakdowns etc etc etc.

    I highly recommend going a little crazy every once in a while!


  31. Scientologists are 100% immune to any argument or evidence presented in opposition to Scientology. The initial courses are the psychological equivalent of Marine Corps boot camp, and create a formidable psychological defense against outside ideas.

    Hubbard was an absolute genius in his grasp of the principles of brainwashing.

    Read an account here:

  32. You “know” what the Scientologists believe is wrong? How can you “know” what someone else believes with regards to spirituality is wrong?

    L. Ron Hubbard was not alive in this era and I seriously doubt many of you are even old enough to know anything about the man except through second- and third-hand accounts. All of the negative biographical information about L. Ron Hubbard comes from disaffected followers or relatives that didn’t like him. And saying you “know” the beliefs of Scientologists are wrong because of L. Ron Hubbard’s history is just a stupid personal attack that means nothing.

    Most of you are loyal Americans, right? So you believe in the idea of America and the ideals established by its founding fathers. Well, many of those men were slave-owners, adulterers (sometimes both at once), liars, double-talkers, hypocrites, drug users, incestuous and worse. Does that make the ideals of America automatically invalid then?

    Many critics of Scientology point to L. Ron Hubbard’s past and use it as a basis for judgement. These people fail to realize, either due to foolishness or inexperience, that people change over their lives. Maybe Hubbard was not perfect in his youth, but so what? Either his methods work or they don’t. Lots of Scientologists swear by them, so why do you hate them for it?

    Every belief system has its negatives you can point to. Even atheism – just look at the hundreds of millions of dead dissidents coming from atheist China and Russia. So what is the solution? To have no beliefs at all, to lapse into nihilism? Why don’t you just leave people to make their own decisions, and why can’t you do that without mockery. Insisting that anyone believing something different than YOU PERSONALLY is “brainwashed” is a very narrow minded and prejudiced way of thinking about life, and it’s ugly and disgusting. Stop trying to force everyone into your method of thought! It should not concern you what other people believe in. And if you want to talk about brainwashing, start with the television screen rather than a philosophy, ok? Smearing a belief system with the accusation of “brainwashing” — which is a TOTALLY unscientific term, and completely unproven phenomenon — is just a nasty bigoted attack which only a small person would make.

    If you are not doing Scientology I don’t see how any of this is your business. America was founded on freedom of religion. So let people have that freedom. And if you really want to waste your time belittling and mocking others for believing differently than you then my suggestion would be to get a more constructive hobby, one that will help you improve rather than one that just tears down someone else’s reality.

  33. The Flying Spaghetti Monster has touched L. Ron Hubbard with his Noodly Appendage and therefore it is not for us to decide if it is right or wrong, but merely hope that we, too, can one day be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

  34. How can anyone take seriously a group of people who started out practicing “science”, but converted to a “religion” when their “science” was making them too much money? Or how can you take seriously a group of people who admittedly base their belief system on the ramblings on one bad science fiction writer?

    Uh oh, I think they have just labelled me a “suppressive person”… WHERE IS MY TIN FOIL HAT?!

  35. Why is it up to you to take anyone seriously? Who made you the judge of men and their deeds? If you think Scientology is not worth investigating then why spend time attacking it? How has it affected you? Why do you bother to spend any effort attacking something that OTHER PEOPLE believe in?

    Can’t you stand religious freedom? Must everyone conform to your standards?

    Maybe you should just leave Scientologists alone and let them believe what they want in peace. You and they will both be happier for it.

  36. I will sell you all the Kool-Aid and tin foil hats you need for your journey. L. Ron wishes that you buy these things only from me, and at a greatly increased price.
    CHA CHING ! ! !

  37. >> What if Hubbard was right?…But how do you know it is untrue, for CERTAIN?

    You’re trolling, right? Just in case you’re not, I’ll bite.

    Thank god (hah) we’ve got the scientific method. It provides a way to determine what’s true and untrue.

    If we’ve got to go to the trouble to disprove your things that defy logic, how about you first expend a little effort and disprove a few things that are near and dear to my belief system: unicorns, santa claus, dragons, and fairies. I need to know how I’ll reconcile scientology with them before I go taking on more myths to believe in.

  38. I’m not interested in disproving what others believe, because that’s their reality.

    Scientologists are not marching around trying to force others to accept their beliefs, but you seem intent on marching around forcing everyone to accept your ideas about what Scientology is and isn’t. And I’m CERTAIN you’ve never even done one single course, read one book of Hubbard’s on the subject, or spoken to a Scientologist in real life to discuss your abject hatred.

    Do you also visit Christian churches to contradict everything the preacher says? Because the scientific method obviously invalidates any belief in anything supernatural.

    People like you are the sole reason religious wars have plagued history. You just can’t live and let live. If you see something you disagree with, you must viciously attack it.

  39. Hmm… To the above. People that question a religion… I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest /most/ of the people attacking, in your words, I say critically evaluating, Scientology are not church going, Gibson praising, Passion suffering, Bris holding, carpet kneeling, meditating types. I’d say, more, that they are scientific sorts who prefer a little fact in their children’s stories. Did you ever stop to think about Santa Claus? An all-knowing, all-seeing, impossible doing grandfather figure who rewards (nice) and punishes (no presents for the naughty) those who have it coming. And then what do you come to find out?? HE’S NOT REAL. 90% of the world is living out a mass delusion that is just like our appendix. What Intelligence Designed the appendix to be redundant? That’s not very Intelligent Design. These are all the same stories with different authors (prophets… profits?). It’s a hold over from the dark ages when people needed direction and force and guilt to be told how to live. In the modern day if I need to be taught not to kill or hate then I must be RETARDED. Apologies to the truly mentally handicapped, for they, unlike the faithful Scientologist, did not CHOOSE to be that way. So when you say it is the minor percentage of people in the world who are continuing religious indoctrination and hatred around the globe you identify yourself in the majority. Christians and Hebrews both share a common God and one book of the Bible, yet that NT really separates them so much so as to have a misunderstanding… No, my friend, religion and its practitioners are those who continue the hate and bigotry and murder in the name of a God that just can’t, if it ever was there, get us stupid walking monkies to understand the message. Love. Is it THAT freakin’ hard to just love? Can we please spend more on space travel so I can just buy a freighter and leave all of you behind to kill each other over opinions based on fairy tales? What? Your favorite color is blue? Mine’s red. JIHAD! How about just agreeing you both BELIEVE IN A COLOR and leave it at that. Stupid dogma is as stupid people practice. How about the Scientific Crusade of 2006 where we systematically wipe the deluded SOB’s from the Earth and finally live in peace, no pollution problem, no overcrowding any longer, and no food shortages?

  40. >>> And I’m CERTAIN you’ve never even done one single course, read one book of Hubbard’s on the subject, or spoken to a Scientologist in real life to discuss your abject hatred.

    You’re right. I’ve not done anything beyond researching scientology via the internet. However, you’ve mislabled my scepticism as hatred.

    >>> Do you also visit Christian churches…the scientific method obviously invalidates any belief in anything supernatural.

    No, I don’t visit christian churches with the intent of tearing down their beliefs. I do, however, hold the same skepticism toward christianity’s miracles.

    >>> People like you are the sole reason religious wars have plagued history. …If you see something you disagree with, you must viciously attack it.

    Give me a break. If there’s any sole reason that religious wars have plagued history, it’s because of the existence of religious zealots, not a-religious zealots. And again, you’ve mislabled skepticism; this time as a vicious attack.

    >>> You just can’t live and let live.

    Oh yes, I can. I have no desire to prohibit anyone from believing in whatever they wish to believe in. But I feel very compelled to contructively point out which beliefs defy my logic, and contradict my beliefs. That’s how I arrive at my beliefs, through logic and honest debate. My beliefs are also very dynamic, and may potentially be modified during and after the debate. Are yours?

  41. ok this is to the moron that says he works with tom cruise, score on the fact hes with katie , pretty sexy, but hes a moron, and everyone in the scientology are morons, you having faith in him MORON. im sure he knows all about sonograms, too. jesus no wonder the world is such a back assed shit hole place. mother hubbard is crazy and only for he has money he would have been locked up long ago. now i an more of science man, not very religous, i have my beliefs and i hold to them, i dont look against other people. but do i really need to did some tunnels and put my writings there ???? NO, cause im not a moron. if your not catching what im saying , anyone who believes in that lunatic is a MORON, i dont know why im wasting my time writing, well cause im bored at work. im done.

  42. Just an observation, of course, but there appear to be several here who earnestly wish to convince readers of their intellect. They could strengthen their case by employing a couple of dandy new inventions- they’re called “punctuation”, and capitalization”. Check into it.

  43. Have his babies… What? Taken away on the grounds of unfit parenting? That’s IF he can even have them… Do Scientologists believe in contraception? If he even wanted children, what can Joey teach them? How to act? How to be pretty? Maybe go the Spear’s route and teach them how to ‘perform’ for people. Another group of people perform for a living. They’re called strippers. So Tom Cruise is a sorely deluded action-movie stripper who is running around like a coked-up (oo, sorry, Thetan’d up) salesman trying to push his beliefs on others. Rrrright. Oh, AND suing people in English court because they suggest maybe… Just MAYbe, he may be… In the closet? What about Trey and Matt, is he going to sue them too? What happened to the kid in Top Gun with so much to prove? Or the Bueller-esque rich kid with something to prove and undies to dance in? Too much time in the Film Actor’s Guild has given him a big head. You’re an actor Tom, an actor, and no one would even elect you as their governor. Unless MAYbe Katie buys a city. With your money. ROFLOL. You know why, Tom? Because you’re unsafe! No one wants to fly with you Mav.

  44. Amazing what people do with money from other people. Time and money to burn at the expense of the “true believer”.

  45. “I work for Tom Cruise”
    mmm, hmmm
    that’s why you have time to read cool, slightly obscure blogs.
    I’ll believe that you work for Tom Cruise when you can produce a DNA sample.
    Scientology is based on the writings of a science fiction author (not a very good one at that) with hopes of immortality and great power.
    He managed to achieve both.
    But by all accounts of those who were close to him, he was full on tilt crazy as a a wackaloon.
    Don’t make the mistake of following blindly.
    Any “religion” that promises a disease free life of impeccable health is a lie. After all, the FOUNDER died.
    Was he perfectly healthy?
    he was sick, just like all of his blind, hypnotised followers are.
    sad, really.
    Cool pics though! And a MUCH better way to spend money than helping the poor, feeding the hungry, or curing the sick.

  46. This is kind of scary, because it verges on making Scientology a doomsday cult.

    All they need to do now is ensure that there IS a worldwide nuclear holocaust so they’ll have a head start on spreading their proposterous doctrine when mankind begins rebuilding from the ashes.

    Based on how Scientology handles itself, I wouldn’t exactly discount that they’d be pushing for an absolution to their non-scientologist problem by instigating a nuclear catastrophe, the fucking nazi nut-jobs that they are.

  47. That is supposed to be a marker in a thousand or a billion years? If they don’t mow it that marker will be indistinguishable next year.

  48. For the Scientologists posting here…I DO know what is in the teachings of LRon. I unfortunately was exposed to them in a complex trade secret/Copyright litigation. a few years back. Poor Helena Kobrin would just about shit her pants every time Judge Brinkema would force your cult to reveal the teachings. They had to otherwise they couldn’t prove copyright infringement. So you poor bastards that still believe LRon can save your life…..wake up. He’s completely full of shit, and on top of that fully two thirds of the “tech” isn’t even his own original writing (proven in court more than once). He stole it from other little known authors. So get over yourself…you believe in a whole barrel of crap if you’re buying it. And I do mean buying it because they make pay a fortune just to cross the bridge. (I shake my head in disbelief….are people really that stupid?)

  49. As with all things, even Scientology must hold some small particles of truth within, though taken as a whole (as with all things) it’s mostly b-s. Truth and enlightenment are free-of-charge to any rational mind, and don’t require an E-Meter, Prayer Beads, etc, or any other man-made gizmo. Anyone who tells you truth and enlightenment require purchase of their paraphenalia is selling you snake-oil and half-truths at best.
    Ask yourself “Why does Buddha smile, just sitting there?” When you think of the true answer, there-you-go! Free truth and enlightenment, or at least something to giggle about (which is the next-best thing).

  50. Candi said…
    Has anyone ever heard of anyone that is not a celebrity ie. Mr.Cruise or Mr. Travolta being a member of Scientology? Just a question?

  51. “Actually, geoglyphs do last for thousands of years in a desert environment: just look at the Nazca lines. “

    Well, the Nazca removed the surface stones and red topsoil to reveal lighter yellowish soil beneath. They’ve lasted so long because the desert where these lines are located is pretty much covered in gravel. and there’s no sand or soil to move around and erode over them.

    I haven’t seen that part of the New Mexico desert, but it looks like the design sits within a low spot, indicating that in not too long the pattern will be covered by eroding soil.

    Besides, my question is, why do Scientologists think that anyone will be able to read English in the far future? Are these plates encoded in binary or something? Hell, there could be some sort of disaster where our civilization is forgotten and no one can read 21st century English.

    It would be incredibly funny if in the future people discover the valueable steel and titanium and end up melting the records down for scrap rather than learning L. Ron Hubbard’s incredibly theology.

  52. The only difference between religions and cults is that religions are larger. All spirituality is bull-shit. The potential value of Scientology is causing some of the deluded to examine the ridiculousness of their own belief systems upon recognizing similarities. This is rare, but it does happen.

  53. whomever is responsible for this “intelligent design” thing owes me a week in vegas, one term paper, and an explanation as to the malfunction of my appendix.

    ps, bansidhe, check your spelling-nazi badge at the door.

  54. Someone in this mass of intellectual soup mentioned history’s greatest oxy-moron,”True Believer”. Perfect description of every cult and certainly ‘Sad Scientology’. If you have not yet read Eric Hoffer’s “True Believer” leave class now and only return when you have digested it, and that includes all you ‘SS’ spies.

  55. The most important points made so far:

    1) The news channel did not “DISCOVER” anything, and the information being reported was broken almost 10 years ago.

    2) Having vaults is a little weird but is not newsworthy.


  56. please.
    as any dedicated WOG will tell you, we are preparing for the day when Xenu will come. We have a deal for Him whenever he gets here. give us a star cruiser, and mecha, and then we will wipe out these scientologist fuckheads for him.; look at that, giving humanity the power to take to the stars, and obliterating a bunch of psycho fucknuts.m sounds like a plan.

    I work for Xenu, do you?

  57. I haven’t read all the comments yet, but it WAS a coincidence that the emergency broadcast system came on. I was at the gym, and it appeared on eight different cable channels simultaneously.

  58. Maybe you should just leave Scientologists alone and let them believe what they want in peace. You and they will both be happier for it.

    Damn, if that doesn’t sound less like advice and more like a threat.

    Go back to drinking your kool-aid, and stop imagining that Elron Xenu gave you the power to tell everybody else what to do, OK? Thanks.

  59. Doesn’t this seem like a bunch of trekkies that have taken things way too far.

    I see a bunch of brainwashed geeks that are taking the words from a science fiction writer seriously.

    You could wear your golden bracelets and ride on your cruise ships without trying to spread your disease. Why not contribute to society without trying to make society contribute to your organization.

    Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

  60. Doesn’t anyone here get what this is all about?? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Catholics, vatican bank, mafia wanted it and didnt succeed, they already had it!

    Is veryone on here so fucked up they can’t understand its all about money?

    You are really all Sheep..damn time to go out and start a SEX CULT, at least we can all enjoy it! 🙂

  61. Hey, WOW, I just called the church of SCI in Sydney Australia, business hours on the site are, mon to Fri 8.00 – 10pm Sat and Sun 9.00am to 6.00pm….so


    And when I called no answering machine, just rang out??

    And whats up with business hoiurs to contact them… I can tell all of you..


  62. A lot of people here are acting like Scientology sits on the same logical proof level as religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. It doesn’t. Those religions presume something outside of what is knowable, therefore non-observable. Scientology says that there are aliens, in this universe, with access to this planet, etc etc. No proof, no point. I personally think all religions have a logical flaw expect maybe Hinduism and Buddhism, because they use Brahmin, a truly infinite choiceless being…

  63. “Anonymous said…
    I work for Tom Cruise, so I am really getting a kick out of most of these replies. Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about.

    But trust me. You dont.

    I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you dont know what you are talking about. This is how bad info gets passed around. If you dont know about the topic. Dont make yourself sound like you do.”
    This reminded me of when Tom Cruise went off on Brooke Shields. Tom slammed her use of Paxil as well as her reliance on psychology. Anonymous, you think people should live and let live? Let’s start with the guy you claim to work for.

    (I know I’m a bit late but I couldn’t resist.)

  64. The Scientology symbol:
    ‘Crap Circles’.

    Scientology has nothing to do with real science, it is pure science fiction.

    Crap Circles in the desert.

    To Anonymous who said ‘ I think you just want to make yourself sound smart’… So what are you doing? making yourself sound like a fool? Go clear yourself on ‘the cans’, and spend a ton of money doing it. Scientology is a farse. Scientologists make themselves ‘right’ by ‘clearing’ – I’ll tell you what, there is another name for that: ‘Being honest with yourself’. That’s been around ever since man became self-aware. No need for fancy sci-fi BS stories to make that work.

    To all scientologists: do yourselves a favor – think about what you ‘believe’, ask if it is real and has *any* proof at all. Scientology is a modern cult. Nothing more, nothing less.

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