Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle (a French pastry chef/arts photography team) create landscapes out of food: mushrooms, kiwis, salads, ice cream, watermelons, cakes. Cauliflower, even.
The result is actually really funny and great, and can be seen through the duo’s own photographs:

[Image: Week-end].

[Image: Escargot (in a different photograph, there is a large snail creeping through the salad)].

[Image: Peinture fraîche].

[Image: Mouton (aka Le prédateur)].

Gastronomic landscapes, or gastronomescapism, perhaps.
For those curious, of course, there’s more to be read at the Galerie Fraîch’Attitude (in French); and, if you have a lot of patience and a high tolerance for slow and completely unnecessary Flash, then you can visit their own website for some more images – some really, really great images – making all the frustrating Flash b.s. almost worthwhile.

[Image: Pastèque (aka Les épépineurs)].

(Via things magazine).

5 thoughts on “Foodscaping”

  1. very creative! and does anyone remember the photographer who did the mini people like this but the landscape was a womans’s body?

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