Primary Landscapes

[Image: Around Mono Lake, photo by BLDGBLOG].

The last week has been pretty slow here as we get Venue up and running; but there are some new posts over at the Venue website that I think are worth checking out.

One is a brief, image-heavy round-up from an amazing flight I took last week with photographer Michael Light in his two-seater, fiber-glass aircraft around the shore of Mono Lake, California. A full-length interview with Light is forthcoming, as well.

The other is an interview with photographer Edward Burtynksy, who we had the pleasure of meeting last week at the Nevada Museum of Art for Venue’s inaugural interview. Among discussions of Burtynsky’s most recent series, Oil—which just opened at the Nevada Museum of Art—and the ongoing Water project, we asked Burtynsky about the more technical side of his work, including the deployment of drones in photographing otherwise inaccessible sites, and the somewhat puzzled reactions his work has received from people working in the industries he photographs.

Check those out if you get a chance, and new posts will also appear here on BLDGBLOG soon.

2 thoughts on “Primary Landscapes”

  1. I'm so excited to keep following this project, the Burtynsky interview was awesome and I'm sure there's more really great content to come!

  2. Nice pics of Mono Lake. From the last picture in the series, I'm guessing you were at Lee Vining Airport?

    The thing on this airport's page that pops out is…that this airport is owned by the City of Los Angeles. I wonder what the story is, there?


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