Off to India

[Image: The Chand Baori stepwell, courtesy of Wikipedia].

Just a quick note that I will be in India without a computer for the next two and a half weeks, visiting stepwells, cave temples, the 18th century astronomical garden of Jantar Mantar, hill forts (including Mehrangarh), the Water Palace (or Jal Mahal) in Jaipur, and more, and I will thus be offline until late March. Unfortunately, this also means that I will be unable to moderate new comments or reply to emails; please be patient, though, and I will get to all that when I return. Meanwhile, feel free to visit the BLDGBLOG archives, through the extensive list of previous posts in the lefthand column. I’ll be back…

5 thoughts on “Off to India”

  1. I remember seeing that spot in your picture in the Tarsem Singh movie The Fall. I had been told that no CGI had been done but I didn't believe that such a place could exist – and now I know that it does

  2. hope you had the chance to check out the book Steps to Water, by Livingston. I hear she is an expert on the structures.

  3. In addition to a similar set in "Dark Knight Rises", the step-well depicted is also shown in "The Fall", directed by Tarsem Singh, which is a must-see for anyone interested in exotic locales and architectures.

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