Who rules the night

[Image: “Top 9 Ninja Characteristics of Awesome Architecture Blogs” by Linda Bennett].

Sydney-based blogger, architecture student, comic book illustrator, and muscle car enthusiast Linda Bennett has produced a beautifully tongue-in-cheek guide to the “Top 9 Ninja Characteristics of Awesome Architecture Blogs.”

Summoning up her own ninja army from blogs like Super Colossal, City of Sound, ArchDaily, ArchitectureMNP, and Inhabitat, Bennett’s graphic skills—and sense of humor—are on colorful display. The weapons given to designboom would inspire terror in any foe.

Bennett has also been running an occasional series of interviews on her site; check out her conversations with Bjarke Ingels, Gerard Reinmuth, and Andrew Maynard—and here’s hoping she sits down someday to record one with fellow Sydneysider, and “Super Strength” blogging ninja, Marcus Trimble.

And, for that matter, here’s hoping Bennett keeps producing more comic strips!

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