The Turbulence Biennial

While I’m on the subject of events, I’ll be speaking at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design this coming Monday, November 16; I’m giving a talk called The Turbulence Biennial. It’s free and open to the public, and it starts at 6pm in Room B1 of Meyerson Hall.

[Image: A map of pilot-reported turbulence above the U.S. east coast].

The basic idea will be to revisit and extend some of the material from the climate change/weather control chapter of The BLDGBLOG Book—looking at everything from John Constable and the Cloud Appreciation Society to urban weather-engineering and airplane turbulence as a kind of invisible landscape in the sky.

So if the sky is a geography, how can we both map and design it?

If you’re near Philadelphia, definitely come by; I’d love to see you there, and it should be a fun night.

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