The squalor, the possibilities, the madness

It is clearly the season for book launch events! Tomorrow, Saturday, November 21, at the Columbus Circle Borders in Manhattan, Jeff VanderMeer will be reading from his new book Finch—and then engaging in a conversation about fiction and the city with Jeffrey Ford, Ron Hogan, and myself.

[Image: The cover to Finch, designed by John Coulthart].

From the event description:

What do writers take from the real world when creating their fantastical creations? What does the real world take from fantasy? VanderMeer�’s new noir phantasmagoria, Finch, takes place in a once-prosperous failed city-state. Manaugh’s BLDGBLOG Book is a biography of the city through essays and interviews. Ford has written about both historical and fantastical cities in his many acclaimed novels and stories. Come out to celebrate the squalor, the possibilities, and the madness of cities.

In preparation, read BLDGBLOG’s earlier interview with Jeff VanderMeer here. VanderMeer will be starting things off at 5pm; attendance is free; and it should be a lot of fun.

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