A Day at Storefront for Art and Architecture

I mentioned this about a month ago… but it’s nearly here: on Saturday, September 26, I’ll be hosting a daylong series of public talks and live interviews at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, featuring many of the people whose work appears in The BLDGBLOG Book. We’ve organized a stellar line-up of speakers, going from 3-6pm, and all of it will be followed by drinks.

[Image: The Mix House by Joel Sanders Architect, Karen Van Lengen/KVL, and Ben Rubin/Ear Studio, as mentioned in The BLDGBLOG Book].

The complete schedule of presentations appears below; it’s free and open to the public. I’ll be introducing my own book around 6pm, but then we can all have a coffee or a glass of wine (or whatever’s around), and enjoy a Saturday evening in New York. I’d love to say hello, if you can make it.

3:00pm: Architect, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Architecture (and former Dean) at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture, Karen Van Lengen

3:30pm: Live interview with musician Jace Clayton

4:00pm: Photographer Richard Mosse
May 2009 Interview with BLDGBLOG

4:30pm: Architect and writer Mason White

5:00pm: Live interview with novelist Patrick McGrath
July 2007 Interview with BLDGBLOG

5:30pm: Architect and educator Lebbeus Woods
October 2007 Interview with BLDGBLOG

6:00pm: Critic, blogger, and editor of The BLDGBLOG Book, Alan Rapp

6:05pm: Geoff Manaugh

6:30pm: Drinks

8:00pm: End

Copies of Patrick McGrath’s novels will be available for purchase, as well, and it’s a great opportunity to get them signed – in fact, if you already own a copy of The BLDGBLOG Book, or if you’re thinking of getting one, bear in mind that you can score at least three signatures on the Autographs page that night…

So, again, that’s Saturday, September 26, from 3pm to about 8pm, at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City. Here’s a map.

And thanks, by the way, for reading the blog, for being interested in the ideas presented here, for participating in some fantastic comments threads over the years, for all the tips for further reading/viewing/visiting/etc., and just for sticking around in general. I don’t mean to get misty-eyed, but I appreciate it, more than you might know. It’s not often that one runs into other people interested in things like bioluminescent urban ornaments or haunted telephone systems or rentable basement mazes or even “learning landscapes” – as many a negative commenter here has made clear. So, to the people who have been having fun with this website along with me: thanks.

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