The Bat Spiral

One of many projects collected in the first issue of P.E.A.R., released last month, is the Bat Spiral by London designers friend and company.

[Image: The Bat Spiral by friend and company].

Serving as further evidence that architecture is not solely built for humans – after all, other species build architecture, respond to architecture, and colonize architecture quite readily – the Bat Spiral offers an elevated habitat for seventeen species of British bat.
From the architects:

Twenty-four different types of timber roosts are positioned within the concrete spiral as if they were the spokes of a wheel. Each roost position is determined by the orientation of the sun, shade and prevailing winds. The roosts are painted black externally to maximize heat gain from the sun…

Inside, amidst gaps, reclaimed wood beams, and concrete spans poured in-situ, are “four levels of habitation,” including feeding perches and access holes. Optional “mating roosts” can also be added as demand requires. Prefab modular animal housing.
More images of the project are available in P.E.A.R..
I’m led to wonder, however, what non-human future might await something like ArandaLasch‘s 10 Mile Spiral if it were to be constructed – and later abandoned – amidst an ecosystem for bats…
Perhaps we are inadvertently building the future infrastructure of an animal world.

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