White Light

[Image: White Noise/White Light, Athens, by Höweler + Yoon/MY Studio].

I stumbled on an old project from the summer of 2004 today, by Höweler + Yoon/MY Studio, called White Noise/White Light.
The project was on display in Athens during the 2004 Olympics:

Comprised of a 50′ x 50′ grid of fiber optics and speakers, “White Noise/White Light” is an interactive sound and light field that responds to the movement of people as they walk through it… As pedestrians enter into the fiber optic field their presence and movement are traced by each stalk unit, transmitting white light from LEDs and white noise from speakers below.

And though I wasn’t in Athens to see the thing in person, it certainly did photograph well.

[Image: White Noise/White Light, Athens, by Höweler + Yoon/MY Studio].

Juxtaposed with the Parthenon in the background, the effect, in fact, looks quite mesmerizing.
Electrical practicalities and issues of light pollution aside, it’d be nice to install something like this for a few nights along the rim of the entire Grand Canyon… Then fly over it in a glider, at 3am, taking photographs.

UPDATE: How strange: I came home from work today to find two copies of Architect magazine waiting for me in the doorway – and lo! On p. 49 of their September 2007 issue there’s nothing else but “White Noise/White Light” by Höweler + Yoon… Architect says: “The experience and publicity that Höweler + Yoon gained from the Olympics project have led to new commissions and further explorations in up-to-the-nanosecond lighting technologies.” Interesting overlap.

(Earlier: Archidose blogged it).

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  1. FYI… second picture is at MIT where Meejin Yoon teaches and the piece was re-installed for a week (see Saarinem’s chapel in the background) PS. the instalation photographs better but in person you get to experience the eerie noise each pole generated as you aproached it. Movement is cause by poeple interacting with the field.

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