Postopolis! Begins

[Image: The Postopolis! crew: (l-r) Joseph Grima, Jill Fehrenbacher, Geoff Manaugh, Bryan Finoki, Dan Hill, and Gaia Cambiaggi (photo by Nicola Twilley)].

The doors of Postopolis! burst open tomorrow.

First up, at 3:00pm: Robert Krulwich
3:40pm: Tobias Frere-Jones
5:00pm: Stanley Greenberg
5:45pm: Michael Kubo, North American editor for Actar, discusses books, blogs, and the future of architectural publishing with Kevin Lippert, founder of Princeton Architectural Press
6:45pm: Joseph Grima, Director of the Storefront for Art and Architecture, introduces BLDGBLOG, City of Sound, Inhabitat, and City of Sound, who will talk about their blogs and then lead a pecha kucha

So if you’re in NYC, please stop by…! And there’s a lot more news coming soon.

4 thoughts on “Postopolis! Begins”

  1. I run the blog on LVHRD.ORG under the name Settlement Heart. LVHRD (live hard) is a event/community group for creative people in NYC. I stopped by the Storefront for the opening last night. Great stuff. Our offices are right around the corner on Spring Street.

    Leave a comment on the blog if you like; maybe we could chat sometime. LHVRD would like to have you as a member.

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