[Image: Tower demolition in Philadelphia, as photographed by werdsnave. Perhaps that room at the very top could be rehabbed and kitted out with a small suburban house… or some version of this thing… making it worth the climb. Elsewhere: A tunneling project by werdsnave on Pruned. Earlier: Chicago’s Inner Flute-Ruins].

5 thoughts on “High-Rise”

  1. Oh, I know I’d move in. I love the idea that shattered concrete and rebar can look like the trunk of a palm-tree. It’s like an upside-down Gilligan’s Island efficiency-studio.

  2. Anthony

    I’d imagine that this is probably an elevator shaft, or stairwell, as I’ve often seen those be the last remaining parts of a demolition like this.

    If it’s a stairwell, then you’ve already got the perfect way up to your penthouse room!

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