Seeing the forest for the tree

Lawrence Weschler’s Convergence of Convergences Contest over at McSweeney’s revisits the above photo of a clear-cut forest in Sweden – where the void left behind by logging has visually reproduced the very thing that void destroyed. The return of the repressed, indeed…

(Image of Swedish forest originally submitted to McSweeney’s by Walter Murch).

4 thoughts on “Seeing the forest for the tree”

  1. This picture literally and figuratively puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Love the blog…always inspiring and informative…. /Jyo

  2. surely a great picture. The clearing was a result of a major storm in the winter of 2004. The tracks were then produced when clearing teams entered the forest in order to sort the mess out. a great amount of forest fell during the storm, take a look at this page (
    to see the enormous wood storage at a former military airstrip at Byholma. (in swedish)

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