Pamphlet Architecture 29 Awaits…

Princeton Architectural Press is still looking for the next installment in its Pamphlet Architecture series – which means they just might be looking for you.

“To promote and foster the development and circulation of architectural ideas,” they write, “Pamphlet Architecture is again offering an opportunity for architects, designers, theorists, urbanists, and landscape architects to publish their designs, manifestos, ideas, theories, ruminations, hopes, and insights for the future of the designed and built world. With far-ranging topics including the alphabet, algorithms, machines, and music, each Pamphlet is unique to the individual or group that authors it.”
They want ideas that possess “rigor and excitement,” with stimulating imagery and enthusiasm for the field.
However, you only have 13 days left in which to make your ideas both coherent and presentable – and you have to register.
And if you’re unfamiliar with the series, and need some examples of small, concentrated doses of architectural speculation, then let me point out this particular pamphlet, of which I am a long-term fan – although I lost my copy a few years ago – and I wrote about Tooling back in July.
If you still think you’re at a loss for ideas, you can always find the outer edges of a potential pamphlet just about anywhere: the San Francisco Sewer System Master Plan Project, for instance; or the gradual but complete depopulation of Venice; the Earth without people; the tomb of Agamemnon; the brick-lined subterranean world behind Niagara; a proposal for the exact and to-scale geotechnical recreation of the Mississippi River’s missing mountains; field results from your architectural experiments with Rogaine; some science-fictional extrapolations on London’s CTRL Project, complete with site visits and interviews; or even some Herculean, hydro-architectural taming of the North Pacific Gyre (you build a swimming pool around it, designed by FAT, then charge admission).
Etc. etc. – so get your brains firing, your fingers typing, and get published by Princeton.
And if any readers of BLDGBLOG win this thing, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Pamphlet Architecture 29 Awaits…”

  1. I just found this post browsing through your archive.

    I was awarded an honorable mention from PA29 for my project DMZOO: a dystopian vision of a cloning facility and zoo for the de-militarized zone in Korea.

    Anyway, I’m an avid reader of your blog, and I must say I enjoyed your photography links. If you haven’t heard of Atta Kim or floto+warner studios, check them out.

  2. Hey Dave – Thanks for the links! Some interesting stuff there. Is there any way to see your own work? Your honorable mention project sounds intriguing.

    Thanks again.

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