War City

[Image: Jens Liebchen].

Lens Culture introduces us to German photographer Jens Liebchen’s series DL07: stereotypes of war.
For the project, Liebchen “constructed a series of black-and-white photos of a city under seige [sic] – menacing helicopters buzzing abandoned buildings, furtive figures scrambling down deserted streets, smoke-filled skylines, blood-stained walls and sidewalks, too-young children armed with machine guns… Yet he took all of these photos in a city (Tirana, Albania) while it was at peace.”

[Images: Jens Liebchen].

More at Lens Culture.

4 thoughts on “War City”

  1. Ah, you must take a look at this!:


    I saw this in the Tate Modern, London the other day, and it is very interesting indeed, and quite unbelievable – it certainly takes a while to realise it’s a real city project. Nice ‘soundtrack’ too, of the mayor (and artist) narrating the scenario in almost inaudible rumbling Albanian (there are subtitles).

    Geoff, BLDGBLOG is consistently spectacular.

    thanks loads

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