Human Ash Reactions

Another quick (and self-indulgent) note: an article of mine, about the photography of David Maisel, has been published in the new issue of Contemporary Magazine (Issue #86).

Called “Human Ash Reactions,” the article looks at chemical similarities between the landscapes and objects Maisel photographs, and the developmental process of photography itself.
If you’re unfamiliar with Maisel’s work, be sure to check out this interview with him, published last Spring on Archinect. The images are gorgeous, haunting, and ironically otherworldly. His own website – a former Yahoo! Pick of the Day – is well worth the visit.
And if you do read the article in Contemporary, let me know what you think.

One thought on “Human Ash Reactions”

  1. funny, I’ve been looking around San Francisco for this issue for the past few days, no luck. ah, the distribution efficacy of international art paper publications. when I do find it, I’d love to give you that feedback.

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