Though it’s kind of insane to post this here, I was excited nonetheless to see that BLDGBLOG is featured in the new Blackberry Pearl ad campaign

It pops up in the context of author Douglas Coupland‘s everyday telephonic activities; at 12:45pm, according to the little Flash animation, Coupland “settles a lunchtime architectural argument” by going to BLDGBLOG.

The logo’s so bigtime they got shy and hid the other half…
That’s right.
So I’m retiring on the royalties to Brazil, where I’ll re-reverse the flow of the Amazon River and report back in a few years’ time.

(Thanks, Douglas!)

10 thoughts on “BLDGberry”

  1. Hi

    My name is David Hartt, and I was the Creative Director for the BlackBerry Pearl campaign. I’m also a daily reader of BLDGBLOG. I to thought it was cool that Doug enjoyed your site. The reason your site looks kind of wonky and the logo is obscured is because this is a screenshot of how it actually renders on the Pearl’s web browser.
    I appreciate your obsessions; please keep the awesome content coming.

  2. Hey David – Thanks for the inclusion, and for clearing up the half-logo thing. I’ll have to adapt BLDGBLOG for hand-held media someday… And good to hear that you also like the site! I’ll try to keep it up.

    And djc, they bought me a parcel of land at the headwaters of the Amazon where I’m busy excavating an inter-connected network of trenches and future oxbow lakes with fourteen of these.

  3. Geoff,
    You’re so totally famous now! I can say I (virtually) knew you when. Congrats on the awesome free advertisement. If only we could all be so lucky. Although, I have to say, the way those adds pop-out when you roll over them–ANNOYING! (Maybe Mr. Hartt could work on that?) Still, I lust after the Pearl. Maybe they’ll give you one as payment?

    Keep up the good work.

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