Ratcliffe Power Station

[Images: The archetypically geo-monolithic cooling towers of Ratcliffe Power Station, Nottinghamshire, England, photographed by Michael Kenna (©). Don’t miss Kenna’s recent work, including these spectacular photographs of Hokkaido – then go buy his 20-year retrospective. Earlier: Nuclear ambition].

4 thoughts on “Ratcliffe Power Station”

  1. Terrific!

    Slightly off the point, but talking of accidental industrial aesthectics, I remember an incredible drive one night past the steelworks at Port Talbot, near-ish Cardiff. I’m sure somene else has witnessed the fire pouring (does fire pour?) from the chimneys against black sky…can’t find any images, though….any ideas?

    It goes without saying this blog is wonderful – thank you Geoff

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