A geometry of bombs, inscribed into the planet

[Images: Landscape design through interventionist Aristotelianism (action-at-a-distance): Utah’s test bombing ranges. You need airborne explosives that inflict damage in the exact patterns of the royal gardens at Versailles. The Air Force Corps of Landscape Engineers. Launch missiles at the moon and Angkor Wat appears inscribed into the lunar surface. You bomb Kew Gardens – and it turns into Longwood Gardens. Bombing landscapes with new landscapes. (These photos via Pruned – via Polar Inertia. See also: Tree Bombs and Digging with Bombs)].

One thought on “A geometry of bombs, inscribed into the planet”

  1. This reminds me of the mentality of graffiti writers when they go out “bombing”, they too are altering the landscape only urban rather then natural. Would this be considered a type of planetary graffiti, cryptic messages to other writers who understand how to read the words.

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