5 thoughts on “R.I.P.: 2005 AD”

  1. what a fantastic representation of 2005. g.b. piranesi was somewhat of an eccentric zealot.

    his carceri series makes you envision a demented artist scratching away at an engraving plate in an attempt to create, through extreme & concerted effort, a perfection of vision that is ultimately impossible. and he knows it. and yet he continues.

    in a lot of ways, 2005 reminds me of this. so many people with so many good intentions (exacerbated by the internet) believe that intentions alone can cause change and make the world a better place. but they can’t.

    a million angry bloggers at a million keyboards are full of sound and fury – yet signify nothing.

    only action makes change. not even decisive inaction can cause true change.

    in 2006, don’t intend; act.

  2. Well – I don’t think I’d call myself an ‘angry blogger’ – in fact I’m rather enthusiastic – but I suppose I’m a little angry that I’m not yet living on a manmade archipelago of utopian oil derricks anchored to the floor of the mid-Atlantic rift – I’d like to be the mayor, actually – but I will try to make that dream an active reality, as you say, in 2006.

    Happy new year!

  3. hehe, sorry geoff, didn’t mean you personally. just in general – i think blogging & the net allows people to carve a comfortable fantasy world for themselves of which there is no escape.

    maybe the way to avoid that is to always reset one’s basis to the real world. it’s something i’ll shoot for in the coming year (affirmation of belief is best validated by continuous challenge?)

    you bring up an interesting challenge however — what room for fantasy then? where should inspiration come from of not from freeing yourself from the gird of what we know to be real or possible?

    i like bldgblog. 🙂 and i look forward to visiting your mid-atlantic rift archipelago, if you’ll accept tourists.

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