bldgblog 1

Testing, testing… Is this on…

Corporate automobile test-landscapes. Deserted beach resorts. Ruined stripmalls.

‘Highways, office blocks, faces and street signs are perceived as if they were elements in a malfunctioning central nervous system.’ J.G. Ballard

More soon.

11 thoughts on “bldgblog 1”

  1. Old cracked black and yellow musty film followed by vintage microphone breathing life ready to begin.

    =) The poetic time machine.

  2. This is a week early but I want to be among the first to say congratulations on the blog's upcoming 10th year anniversary. The past decade has been awesome, mad, desultory, just absolutely dizzying. It's been Marvelous! And it delights me to no end that you're still at it.

  3. Thanks, Alex! You were always a great partner in arms. In fact, I have to admit there were whole years where I probably wouldn't have written as much, had you not also been seeding the ground over there in your own peculiarly horizonless and unnaturally expansive way.

    10 years is a little hard to believe, but somehow it's where we are now. So here's to an insane decade, and to whatever more is to come.

  4. I've been reading your blog on a regular basis for a long time, I bought the book as soon as it was published and I've been coming back all these years primarily for the speculations and the metaphors, the leaps of thought that's always made me think of Borges and Ballard and has given me great inspiration in my own writing. Forever in my feed.

    Happy 10th anniversary and best greetings from Norway,

    Gunnar C

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