Silver Village

[Image: Wrapped cabin, courtesy Sierra National Forest].

Historic structures in the mountains of California are being wrapped, Christo-style, in reflective silver sheets to help protect them against the heat of wildfires.

The wrap—available from companies such as Firezat, who explain how to encase your own house as if wrapping a giant birthday present—has been applied to the structures by concerned archaeologists in collaborations with local fire crews.

Gleaming villages of historically preserved structures thus shine with reflected firelight amidst the trees, waiting like an astronaut’s art project as the rest of the forest burns.

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2 thoughts on “Silver Village”

  1. When I first read this I understood "how to encase your own house" as how to erase your own house… which led me to the thought that it would be awesome to use these kinds of wrappings to actually erase your house from thermal imaging domestically I cant really think of a good reason to hide from thermal imaging other than some kind of war-time application for structures to be made invisible from thermal imaging. It is easy to think of more nefarious reasons why one would want some structures hidden from thermal imaging lenes… labs, illegal manufacturing, etc, etc.

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