Portfolio Futures

[Image: From the Morpholio app].

A few of my colleagues at Columbia have just released a free portfolio app called Morpholio, with the aim of creating “a new platform for presentation, critique, and collaboration relevant to all designers, architects, artists, or members of any image driven culture.”

As such, the app aims to be “both a utility and a community”—part social network, part alternative portfolio. “Capable of communicating with multiple devices,” the accompanying press release says, Morpholio “organizes image collections in a comprehensible and accessible format that makes sharing and presenting work seamless, and infinitely flexible.”

[Images: From the Morpholio app].

As the app’s co-creators explain it, “re-imagining the portfolio” like this in the form of interactive digital media was inspired by asking: “what would happen if you could merge processes of presentation, critique and collaboration into a single elastic platform?”

The app is optimized for iPad—so I haven’t been able to test it out—but you can download it for free and give it a spin.

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