[Image: Woodworms by Zimoun].

While we’re on the subject of acoustic botany, it’s worth recalling Swiss artist Zimoun’s Woodworms installation, whose minimalist set-up simply reads: “25 woodworms, wood, microphone, sound system.” You can watch—and listen to—a video of the piece here.

Don’t miss Zimoun’s other work, however: a machinic delirium of motors mounted on walls and tabletops, all oscillating in and out of phase with one another and ebbing with the off-kilter sound of endless drones.

(Huge thanks to Greg Smith and Paul Prudence!)

3 thoughts on “Soundlog”

  1. Reminds me of the short story Prima Belladonna by JG Ballard where the plants sing and need to be tuned. Fascinating stuff.

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