Chernobyl Purgatorio

With a salute to Archinect‘s inexhaustible Bryan Finoki, here are some really spectacular photographs of Chernobyl, dead city, like some unused film set for Dante’s Purgatorio, as directed by Andrei Tarkovsky:

And this last one I love – the alphabet itself left behind, derelict, abandoned to the mess of its own scattered half-lives:

6 thoughts on “Chernobyl Purgatorio”

  1. The linking site – Military Photos – has either temporarily shut down the Chernobyl link, or has removed the photos entirely (the specific forum won’t open, at least today). But as far as whether those images are Polidori’s… I don’t think they are. But for Polidori’s Chernobyl, see here.

  2. Thanks, line out. I’ve seen the Kidd of Speed site before, but it’s always worth a look. And potentially of emulation – i.e. buying a bike and actually doing the same…

    Thanks again! –

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